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Summer Internship Program

As summer at TPG begins to wrap up, we want to take a moment and thank all of our wonderful interns for their dedication over the last few months. TPG is proud to host, teach, and inspire the next generation of architects and designers. While there’s a lot of insight and knowledge we can pass along, we’re also thankful for the fresh perspectives our interns bring to the table.

The group was busy all summer long assisting teams throughout the firm on projects, presentations, and in-house events. In the marketing department, one of our interns completed in-depth research and created a profile on the newest generation entering the workforce: Gen Z. He presented his findings to our multi-generational staff, which prompted a great discussion surrounding the future of workplace trends to come.

Our design focused interns also had a summer-long project that was in line with our 40th anniversary celebrations. The prompt: what do you imagine TPG’s workplace will be like 40 years down the road? Keeping in mind the economic factors of the future and TPG’s projected growth, the group collectively predicted that the TPG of 2059 would have multiple satellite offices throughout the NYC metro area and one main headquarters location to accommodate client-facing meetings and events. The design concept for the HQ was framed around the age old symbol of community and connectivity – the campfire. The team also wanted the space to honor the three core values of the firm: our people, our clients, and our work.

The design for the new HQ is all on one level and broken up into three distinct areas. The reception area pays homage to our clients, and houses a large circular reception desk that also functions as a coffee bar area. Additionally, there are other seating arrangements for visitors to work remotely and settle in. An adjacent town hall area pays tribute to our incredible staff. The space includes a raised stage with amphitheater style seating to promote more face-to-face conversations as we move through the digital age. The interns also set aside some green space with game tables and a hammock to bring elements of play and nature indoors. On the other side of the office, our resource and materials lab was the central area in the office for honoring our work. The design took on a retail-based spin, and allows staff to maintain the touch and feel engagement when selecting materials and finishes. The team even factored in new technology for the space including a virtual reality set-up to test out new materials in real time. The internship program challenged our interns to push boundaries and think both strategically and creatively in all their endeavors. It was exciting to see their thought processes, and what out-of-the-box solutions they were able to come up with. All around, it was an impressive group this summer! We wish all of our interns the best as they move through their professional careers, and we look forward to seeing what they’ll achieve!

Marketing intern Federico leads a lively discussion on what to expect from the rising number of Gen Zers entering the workforce.

Our interns envisioned TPG’s office of the future to have several communal, circular spaces such as the reception area, reflecting the energy of a campfire.

The town hall setting offers enough seating and flexibility to accommodate large gatherings and meetings.

This innovative resource library features modern fixtures to display new finishes and materials.

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