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How to celebrate a brand’s rich history and longevity.

TPG Architecture was engaged to design new offices for the McCann Worldgroup C-Suite, an elite creative team on the 28th floor at 622 Third Avenue. We were commissioned to design a space that captures McCann Worldgroup's brand diversity. The client wanted a modern and polished space which expressed the strength and longevity of the McCann brand while capturing the glamour of the advertising industry.

TPG designed the C-Suite offices, reception, open workspace, and an imaginative, personality space for McCann Worldgroup’s creative staff; all while balancing the sleek executive client-facing sections with the creative group on the same floor. The 26,000 square foot space is outfitted with collaborative areas, a main boardroom, and an enclosed brainstorming white-box space. The room acts as a clean palette to showcase work and is reconfigurable—it can be “dressed up” for visiting clients or new business pitches; when not dressed up, it acts as a library and pinup/creative space.

Print ads adorn the walls, celebrating the firm’s century-long history and state-of-the-art technology and digital displays allow the client to look forward. The space is brand-centric, so the reception has a number of art walls to showcase their brand timelines, as well as a media wall that plays commercials to engage new clients.

Services Provided

  • Interior Design
  • Corporate Interiors
  • Executive Offices
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