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How a financial publishing company operates like a tech company.

Bankrate is a consumer financial publishing company that operates a popular personal finance website. Though their business involves aggregating and publishing complex financial information, they operate much like a tech company. With a vision to transform into a game-changing media company, Bankrate’s culture emphasizes collaboration, creativity, and the professional development of their employees.

The company’s existing space was haphazard in its organization, with high partitions that made it difficult for employees to interact. Our Strategy & Innovation Studio conducted a survey of their staff, which unearthed that while employees viewed the company as conservative and cautious, they were excited about the change a new workplace would bring. Even after signing the lease on a new 25,000 square foot space at 1675 Broadway, Bankrate continued to grow at an accelerated pace. The goal of the design was to create an energetic, inspirational, and highly-efficient workplace that is flexible to accommodate a further 10% increase in staff.

The plan organizes open work areas around the perimeter of the floor, with collaborative lounges placed in the corners. All conference rooms, phone rooms, and private offices are located surrounding the central core. The project features a variety of communal areas, including a café and game room, which helps to foster Bankrate’s culture of work and play. Our firm’s Branding Studio also worked closely with the client to create a unique visual environment that reinforces the kinetic feel of the company.

Services Provided

  • Workplace Survey
  • Planning
  • Environmental Graphic Design
  • Signage Strategy
  • Corporate Interiors
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