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Housing the media giant’s digital brand, this industrial space in Brooklyn stands apart from the company’s headquarters and captures their startup spirit.

Location Brooklyn, NY
Size 57,000 SF
Year 2015

Industry City engaged TPG to design a new satellite campus for Time Inc.’s creative technology group known as The Foundry, as well as the freshly-launched car culture brand, The Drive. While most of Time Inc.’s employees are still headquartered in Manhattan, the move to a second home in Industry City underscores the media giant’s renewed commitment to editorial innovation and establishes them as a member of Brooklyn’s thriving creative community. Innovation was a major driver for the design of Time Inc.’s new space. The client wanted the place to function more like a start-up: a collective of innovators in a space specifically designed to incubate new ideas for the company’s future. The 57,000 square foot, three-floor work lab would encourage collaboration among the staff, and foster a dynamic work environment consistent with the industrial legacy of the neighborhood. Ultimately, the resulting design consists of a mostly open floorplan with an abundance of collaborative spaces. Employees can work in the large café and town hall, or in a variety of smaller casual meeting areas and creative technology studios. Local artists and designers were commissioned to provide custom signage, light fixtures, and furniture, a fact which further underscores Time Inc.’s commitment to the thriving “Maker” community of Industry City.

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Time Inc. wanted to create more of a start-up vibe, with an open floorplan and an abundance of collaborative spaces.

The office includes a creative space dedicated to their automotive culture website, The Drive, with a car-themed studio to film their video content.

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