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A retro and whimsical donut shop on Astor Place that celebrates the fried pastry classic.

Location New York, NY
Size 1,820 SF
Year 2019

Donut Pub is a popular old-school donut shop in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC. Founded in the early 1960’s by Brooklyn native and former Wall Street broker Buzzy Geduld, Donut Pub is a family-run business that is open 24/7 providing locals and tourists with their classic, homemade donuts and tasty treats. Currently located on W 14th Street and 7th Avenue, the longtime donut shop wanted to expand their reach by opening a new storefront in the East Village on Broadway near Astor Place. The client engaged TPG with the design and implementation of a new retail store concept at 740 Broadway.

The overall project mission was to design a second retail environment that reflects the Donut Pub brand, while also creating a connection to the local community. The new store is tailored to attract guests and locals, especially due to its close proximity to NYU and the university’s foot traffic. TPG’s design team worked hand-in-hand with the store owner to replicate the look and feel of the existing store, but with a modern twist. The new space features the same vintage diner aesthetic with neon signs, but is intended to be brighter and more contemporary. The front of the store offers grab & go service, similar to the original store. The new space also offers counter service, complete with a marble bar and vintage-like stools where patrons can enjoy a cup of coffee, donut, sandwich or gelato.

The new Donut Pub location also features a full baking kitchen. The new design incorporates a partial open kitchen, adding a visual, experiential component into the bakery’s decorating area.

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