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Across the world, TPG was tasked to create a transformative workplace that cultivated a strong sense of unity among the company's subsidiaries, while supporting a new integrated culture.

Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Size 428,000 SF
Year 2019

Established in 1953, Gunung Sewu Kencana (GSK) is an Indonesian-based group that operates a diversified portfolio of businesses across sectors including insurance, food, real estate, consumer, and resources. GSK is the real-estate developer and owner of the notable Sequis Center Tower building, located in the bustling business district of Jakarta, Indonesia. The 40-floor Sequis Tower is an award-winning, mixed-use office building occupied by various office types, including executive offices, trading floors, diverse retail, conference centers and fitness centers. The state-of-the-art commercial office tower not only is a LEED Platinum building, but is also focused on reducing tenant operating costs. TPG worked with GSK to provide design and architectural services for 10 consecutive floors as well as a multi-purpose amenity space on the building’s second level.

The overall building design inspiration comes from the Banyan Tree, a cultural symbol depicted on the national coat of arms in Indonesia symbolizing unity and power. TPG’s hospitality team drew from this natural inspiration when designing the level 2 space. The space features ample wood design features and represent a communal workplace that unites various different people and companies. TPG designed a luxurious, contemporary banquet hall, similar to a hotel ballroom that can accommodate all-scale events from large weddings, banquets, and conferences. The team also designed multiple flexible conference rooms outside a much larger conference center. The floor also features a flexible lounge/café area that can also serve a variety of uses, and includes chef tables to be used for events or food prep demonstrations.

TPG’s team also helped to design 10 consecutive workplace floors, 26 through 35, within the Sequis Tower. The workplace design is intended to attract a variety of companies to the building, with flexible floorplates with no columns, making it easy to reconfigure. Workstations are situated along the perimeter to maximize daylight and views. The 31st floor is designed to serve the 10 floors as an amenity floor complete with a café, board room, lounge, training rooms, and an IT genius bar. To help unite the diversity of companies on these floors, the design includes a unique continuous common staircase linking the floors.

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